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FreeHands working together!FreeHands (or Manos con Libertad) is a co-operative of prisoners from San Sebastián Women’s prison in Cochabamba, Bolivia and those who are on probation outside. Currently there are approximately 55 members with between them roughly 125 children. The women make a large variety of hand crafted products to sell.  In our restaurant and bakery we have ventured into catering, serve approximately 40 lunches a day, and specialize in high quality cakes and desserts.

These ladies are trapped by terrible poverty and a cycle of ever increasing debt and for reasons related to this are, or were, imprisoned. The aim of FreeHands is to empower the members to enjoy a fresh start in life through earning an honest wage with which to support their families.  The transition from life in prison to life in society is difficult, yet we believe Christian principles can help foster inner stability and outer strength.

Through this work we hope that the women not only break bonds of debt but reclaim a sense of dignity and self worth. Child sponsorship is available to help support these families.


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